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Vehicle Accidents

Bicycle Traffic Accidents

It will come as no surprise that when there is a crash between a cyclist and a vehicle, the cyclist is the most likely to be injured. According to Centers for [...]

Aggressive Driving is a Leading Cause of Car Accidents

A study by the Automobile Association of America (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that aggressive driving is a growing problem and that 9 in 10 [...]

Are Accident Recoveries Taxable?

Recoveries in personal injury settlements arising out of car accidents are generally not taxable. This same rule applies to other personal injury settlements. [...]

Who Pays for Medical Expenses After a Car Accident?

You Are Responsible for Your Ongoing Medical Expenses Even if you are not at fault for a car accident, you must still pay for your ongoing medical expenses. [...]

Dealing With Insurance Companies After An Accident

When you are involved in an auto accident, you will probably have to deal with at least two different insurance companies, your own and the insurance company [...]

What To Do If You Are in a Car Accident

Almost all of us will be involved in a car accident sometime in our lives.  Following are tips for what to do if this happens to you: Take Precautions If [...]